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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Stretch stretch and more stretch

It has continued to rain with yesterday just non-stop heavy rain.  My day off work and it is wet wet wet.  A good day for relaxing and  movies.  Have you ever watched The Walking Dead TV series?  I have just got  into that. Not normally my cup of tea.    It is an addictive thing.  Up to series 4.

I over did it the other day not by exercising but by doing too much housework!  My lower back has been giving me grief so it has been a bit of a blessing with the rain. I also know that I need to stretch everyday  and if you are anything like me, if everything is okay and working I tend to forget about it.  Now I am paying the price.   Well, back on the bandwagon so to speak and back running tomorrow.

Here are a couple of my stretch exercises for the lower back that work for me.  Any exercises you have I would love to hear from you.

Photo Courtesy of buzzle.com

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