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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Go to food

I have not been very motivated the last week.  A result I guess of work, late nights and a cold that I cannot shake.  Motivation to get out and run or even walk has gone out the window so to speak. Sometimes I think you do need some time at home and there is nothing wrong with staying in bed, watching movies and just hibernating a bit to recover.   I  have continued to drag myself out of bed to stretch and as much as I struggled with them, I did do some planks, sit-ups, lunges and squats.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel more of an inclination to get out of bed and go for a much needed walk.  That is my plan for tomorrow.

At least I haven't been reaching out for biscuits, chocolate or ice-cream. My go to food lately has been yoghurt.  I keep a pot in the fridge at all times, goes perfectly with oats in the morning or just as a snack. Nothing better than grabbing a spoon or two before running out the door.

My fruit and vege stall down the road has the perfect yoghurt, almost too yummy - George's Authentic Greek Yoghurt, favourite flavour -  passionfruit!

What is your go to food?

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